Are you Carpets ruining your image?
We hope not!

But if they haven’t been professionally cleaned in the past 18 months or more, they cannot be looking there best. Take a close look at your carpets today, all of them: Would they pass the critical inspection of new customers? Do they convey the right image you want for your Guest house /Hotel?

Are your carpets showing signs of heavy work ? Are they looking down-trodden, sadly depressed? Have they since lost their bright, colorful new appearance? Are they looking dirty with spots and stains? Then you should talk to us today!!

Call in CSI cleaning specialists Ireland, your carpet cleaning experts, we clean carpets and upholstery everywhere in the mid-west of Ireland, Hotels, pubs, clubs, offices, restaurants, guest houses & domestic houses are our specialty.

Use our services and you will get superb results! because we clean carpets and upholstery with the most advanced (steam) cleaning process. This hot water extraction method allows us to remove deep-down dirt safely, quickly and efficiently. This method is recommended by all leading carpet and upholstery manufacturers

The CSI cleaning process restores a like-new appearance to the colors and textures of every carpet – however grubby or dirty they may be at the moment. What’s more, our cleaning helps prolong the life of your carpet and that must be worth considering.

It does not cost a fortune, and it could brighten up your image and impress your customers.

Think about it , Naturally, you will want to know more before you decide to go ahead so give us a call on 086 807 4129 or read more about our carpet cleaning on our website.

Carpet cleaning – Office, Hotel or Domestic