Commercial Cleaning Services

Most people don’t think about the different businesses that require commercial cleaning services as most of the commercial cleaning companies work behind the scenes or when the business is closed.

CSI Cleaning can provide customized commercial cleaning services to fit any business or facility and budget.

Hiring an outsourced commercial cleaning business is often less inexpensive than retaining and hiring an in-house janitorial staff. Commercial or retail businesses usually don’t want to deal with these after-hours responsibilities or extra staff.

Another thing to consider is whether the commercial cleaning service provides green (environmentally friendly) commercial cleaning. Green commercial cleaning only uses chemicals for cleaning your facility that are environmentally safe and are non-toxic. Not all commercial office cleaning services provide this option or understand the importance of green commercial cleaning.

Green (Environmentally Friendly) Cleaning

Green cleaning also helps restaurants and businesses that typically don’t want hazardous or toxic chemicals used by a cleaning service. Commercial enterprises that may also benefit from green cleaning include shopping centres and retail stores. Any kind of business that attracts many customers is likely to prefer a commercial cleaning company that offers cleaning that is safe and environmentally friendly.

CSI Cleaning service ensures that when your business doors open each day to serve your customers, you welcome them into a clean and sanitary setting. We offer a full list of services, for instance, if carpets need cleaning, windows need washing or the outside of a building needs power washing cleaning, you might want to hire a commercial cleaning business that can provide these services.

Ask if these can be included in the contract on a specific basis, such as quarterly or biannually, or if these items are outside the scope of the contract.

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