Office Cleaning Services

Regardless of how impressive a business may be, first impressions make a difference when it comes to its continued success. A cluttered, dirty office conveys an image that the business and its employees are unorganized and that attention to details is not a priority. To avoid presenting a negative image, many businesses hire a professional office cleaning company like CSI.

In order to achieve the best results when it comes to having a clean and professional office, it is important to hire an office cleaning company that can tend to the office on a regular basis. An office cleaning service will ensure that the employee and client areas are tidy.

When hiring CSI Cleaning services businesses aren’t just improving the appearance of the office, but also eliminating any potential health risks that can occur as a result of having an unclean and cluttered workplace. Typically, office cleaning includes basic janitorial duties and more specific sanitation services depending on the area of the office, such as the reception area, bathroom and kitchen.

Basic Office Cleaning Services

Basic office cleaning is the general cleaning work that covers every area of the office. CSI Cleaning services will typically perform some variation of basic cleaning on a routine basis.

Depending on the client’s preferences, these office cleaning services will typically include dusting, vacuuming or mopping, and cleaning windows. General office cleaning is important for several reasons in addition to improving outward appearances. CSI Cleaning dust and vacuum to remove dirt and other allergens that can cause allergic reactions, exacerbate breathing problems and generally contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Sweeping or mopping floors that are not covered in carpet also helps to reduce dirt and dust and can also help keep bathrooms and kitchens sanitary by removing bacteria and germs from the floors. Whether it’s to remove fingerprints or to give clients the best views of your business, CSI Cleaning services will also regularly clean windows so that they are free of streaks, smudges, water spots and splatters.

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Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms are full of bacteria and are easily one of the most germs filled areas in any office space. Regardless of whether it is the employee bathrooms or public restrooms for clients, the office cleaning service should tend to them regularly.

If you’re looking for squeaky clean and fresh smelling restrooms for your staff and clients CSI Cleaning will clean, sanitize and disinfect the toilet seats, bowls and handles to remove lingering germs that can cause illness and unpleasant odours.

Kitchen Cleaning

For many offices, the kitchen area is also a part of the break area. While this section of the office is generally not accessible to clients, kitchens are full of germs and can benefit from the care of an office cleaning service. For the kitchen, office cleaning companies will empty the trash cans and replace the bags to keep odours away and prevent the infestation of bugs or other undesirable pests that are drawn to food.

If requested by the client, the interior of appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators may also be sanitized and cleaned to reduce bacterial growth. Refrigerator and faucet handles are also wiped down and disinfected to cut down on germs that can spread from one person to the next. As a part of the service, the office cleaning package also includes filling up soap dispensers and replacing paper towels as needed.

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