Cleaning Services Ireland

The range of cleaning services cannot be paralleled in Ireland. Our wide range includes deep cleaning of roofs, gutters, soffits, facias, walls, driveways, paving and much more. The images below show some of cleaning projects that we have worked and demonstrate the high level of pride that we have in our work and focus on Quality that you will receive from CSI cleaning.

External cleaning

Our services are available to domestic households and businesses in Ireland. We are based in Clare (Ennis) and are ideally located to provide contract or once-off cleaning services to companies in Clare, Limerick, Galway, Tipperary and the surrounding regions. Many of our clients are based in Shannon, Ennis, Limerick and Galway city.

Paving cleaning before and after
Before and after power washing of paving comparison


Power washing of brick paving showing the before and after effects of the cleaning. The cleaning not only removed dirt and stains from the surfaces of the paving bricks, but also very effectively removes any dirt that has become ingrained between the bricks.

Powerwashing of tarmac
Powerwashing of tarmac to remove moss and stains

Four images showing the effect of power-washing on tarmac. The images on the left show heavy (top) and lighter (bottom) moss growth. The power washing removes almost all of the moss and stains. Post cleaning treatments of the tarmac can be used to chemically remove any residual moss. CSI cleaning only use chemicals that are environmentally friendly.

Power cleaning of roof tiles
Power cleaning of roof tiles before and after

Power cleaning of roof tiles removes any growth of moss. This treatment is important as the moss traps water that can eventually seep into the ceiling through the joints between tiles. This Power cleaning of root tiles and slate also is an important aid in revealing any cracked or damaged tiles which then can be replaced.

Cleaning of soffits, facias and gutters
Cleaning of soffits, facias and gutters before and after

Cleaning Services Ireland (CSI) also provide a cleaning service for soffits, facias and gutters. The treatment leaves soffits, facias and gutters looking as good as new. This service usually is provided along with cleaning of roof tiles, but can be supplied as a separate service.

Internal domestic cleaning

Our internal cleaning service provides a means of removing deep grime and restoring surfaces to an almost new appearance. We provide cleaning of solid and wooden floors, staircases, carpets and furniture.

Cleaning and treatment of tiled floor
Cleaning and treatment of tiled floor before and after

The effects of cleaning and treating a floor are immediately noticeable, leaving the tiles looking new. We have the tools to remove dirt that won’t be moved using conventional cleaning methods. We also can provide sealing of the cleaned surface in order to keep the floor looking good long after we have completed the deep-cleaning process.

Cleaning and sealing of wooden surfaces like floors and staircases
Cleaning and sealing of wooden surfaces like floors and staircases before and after

Stairs and wooden surfaces can more easily be scratched and crime can become seated in these scratches. Also varnish wears over time leaving the wood looking far from good. CSI cleaning have the expertise to provide thorough cleaning and sealing of wooden surfaces. While we provide a thorough cleaning service, we will ensure that the character of the wood that can only be achieved by aging is not lost due to the cleaning process.